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I am a qualified harp teacher (CT ABRSM 2009), teaching the harp and music theory from my home in Marstow, Ross-on-Wye.


I am passionate about teaching and fully committed to developing the full potential of all my pupils, both adults and children, whatever their aspirations. I endeavour to accommodate learning for personal satisfaction and pupils wishing to enter the ABRSM exams.

I offer harp lessons face to face or online to all ages, teaching pedal harp or lever harp to all levels.  Face to face lessons take place at my home in Marstow which is in between Monmouth and Ross on Wye.

If you need any advice about which harp to start with, harp rental or purchase then I will happily advise.  I have lever harps available to hire (see the harp rental page) so that you can get started straight away and take a harp home with you after your first lesson.  Pupils get a discounted rate on harp rental.

Do feel free to contact me to arrange a taster lesson and come and try the harp to see if you enjoy it before committing to lessons.


How often are lessons and what length?

When you are starting I usually advise that you have weekly lessons of half hour.  That way the lessons are not too long when there is lots of new information to absorb and there's not too long a gap between lessons.

How much practise will I need to do?

As you might well expect, the more you practise the faster you should progress and the more benefit you will get out of your lessons.  Getting into a good routine from when you start lessons is important.  A short practise most days is much better than a long practise once a week.

Do I need a harp?

Yes you will need a harp at home that you can practise on.  It's very difficult to progress without one.  I have harps here that you can hire from me so that you don't need to invest in purchasing a harp from day one.  Plus you can take it home with you after your first lesson so your practise can start straight away!

Do I have to hire a harp from you if I'm having lessons with you?

Definitely not (although I do offer a discount to pupils)!  There are loads of fantastic companies out there who hire harps so you are completely free to hire or buy from wherever suits you.  I am always happy to offer advice about what sort of harp to look for so you make sure you get the right harp. 

Do I need to bring my harp to lessons?

No, I have harps here that you can have your lesson on every week but if you do ever need help with tuning or broken strings then you are always welcome to bring it with you.

Am I too young or old to start?

Definitely not!  I have taught pupils from 5 to 80+

Testimonials from Pupils

"Over the last 5 years, with Ruth's teaching, I have gone from complete novice (never touched a harp or read music) to being able to play a variety of pieces competently. Whether teaching face to face or on Skype, Ruth has guided and inspired my harp adventures. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruth as a harp teacher."  Emma

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